Why fish is unhealthy!

FISH FAT Animal fats have proven in many studies to be carcinogenic (cancer-causing).  Fish is high in fat  often 60% of its calories comes from fat, which is effortlessly incorporated into a person’s body fat  contributing to the risk of obesity.  In fact there is considerable evidence that fish fat will increase a person’s risk … Continue reading Why fish is unhealthy!

I’m back

For those wondering why i haven’t been posting anything lately, i was actually hibernating in my own world during the festive season until this jungle feeling was all over. Spending the festive season inside gave me more time to get more productive and do something else rather than just write. My mood has been pretty … Continue reading I’m back

Separating work and play

Earning money from home is the best job one can have for mental health and breaking the loop of mental imprisonment. But working from home might take off your concentration from what you are doing and also become more lazy to get your job done. This also applies for studying, writing and whatever requires serious … Continue reading Separating work and play